Scarah Bank Cottages, Bedlam, North Yorkshire

Monster High Ghoul Fair Scarah Screams Doll


Guests will arrive to a warm welcome at Scarah Cottage...

Outfit 1 - On Doll: Scarah sports a long sleeved PVC Jacket with a green Leather belt with a skull buckle. Under the Jacket she wears a pink, green and black Skullette patterned shirt and a simple pair of black Daisy Duke like shorts.

Doll: Scarah's hair is pulled back into a simple mod style with sideswept bangs and held back partially by her glasses. She wears simple silver eyeshadow around her eyes and light pink lipstick.
Clothes: Scarah comes with 3 outfits, all inspired by the Mod fashions from the 1960's.

Monster High Scarah Screams Doll I Love Fashion!

koolkat909 said:
Is that Hoodude and Scarah Screams?CLAWSOME!
posted over a year ago.
CuteBlossom123 said:
Wow, what has Mattel done. *facepalm*
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Scarah with her BFF and boxmate, Hoodude.

Outfit 3: A short sleeeved babydoll dress with pink sleeves, backing and center trim. The sides feature two distinct patterns, left being a black, green and pink Safety pin pattern and the right is a simple grungy black pattern. This outfit comes with a set of black and skintone matching mint leggings that give the illusion of being ripped when worn on Scarah.
Accessories: This doll comes with 3 pairs of shoes, 2 necklaces, 5 bracelets and one purse.

Doll: Her hair is black, in a '60's haircut, with the ends of her hair curled upwards, and bangs for her fringe.
Clothes: Scarah wears a forest green turtle neck top, along with an olive green leather textured skirt, and a brown belt.
Accessories: Her shoes are dark teal pump shoes. She accessorizes with a green headband.
Extras: She comes with a black doll stand and a .