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[…] Let’s talk about the best science kits – kits that make good gifts for kids. How do I know these are the best? These science kits are award-winners from either Parents-Choice, Creative Child Magazine, Dr. […]

These days, my time to research experiments is limited and if I don’t have a necessary supply I can’t even say when I’ll be able to get to the store to get it unless I use 2 day Amazon Prime shipping. I am discovering more and more the joys of ready-to-go science kits.

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“Thank you for the question. I will share with you the model of implementation for this project. This workshop is one central workshop. But the way the implementation is designed is that there is gonna be follow-up district workshop for all of the districts under the pilot project. And we have a school based component where trainers will go into the schools and we will support the teachers and the students and they will be able to run experiments so the learning from this workshop transitions smoothly into the classroom setting. And it gives also the teachers the confidence that while they have used these micro-science kits away from a school environment, how it fits in a school environment and how it actually works in a real school environment.”

Around twenty five high school teachers are learning to use micro science kits or mini to incorporate in their daily Science lessons. The min-labs are being used in a two day workshop and it is hoped that the participants will transfer skills that will help high school students to perform better in CSEC science based subjects.