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Sonic Sega All Stars Racing


24th July am. Day Two, Sonic bike Open Lab @ AudRey, London E8 3PA.

The sonic bikes currently perform from a Raspberry Pi2 computer with GPS receiver attached, audio playing through two self powered speakers plus sub. The system is powered by a LiPo battery transformed down to 5V for the Pi. Everything is stored in a waterproof box secured on the bike frame or back rack. .

2. The system software, which runs on the Raspberry Pi2, enables the bike to locate itself on this sound map, so triggering specific music fragments to play in certain ways at particular locations, creating the sonic bike experience. .

Sonic Bike – Bicrophonic Research Institute

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The sonic bike kit and its configuration have been developed and adapted with the practical and creative requirements of every project. This section details the current hardware, software and design systems in use now.

The new sensory bike is an adaptation of the most recent sonic bike. Sensors fitted to multiple areas of the bike manipulate the sound playing, enabling the rider to control what they hear by how they ride. The sensory bike becomes a perfromative instrument – with riders choosing to go slow, go fast, to hop, zig zig, circle creating their own unique sound piece that speeds, reverses and changes pitch, while dancing on their bicycle.