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ALEX Toys Artist Studio Easy Spin Pottery Wheel turns your pint-sized potter into a pottery pro with a real pottery wheel and a variety of paints and tools! Mold, shape, sculpt, and paint your own pot, cup or vase! When you’re done, the clay will air dry overnight. Battery operated foot pedal makes the wheel really spin. Includes pottery wheel with foot pedal, 2 carving tools, 2 bags of soft clay (2lbs/907g), 6 paints (0.8oz. / 2.5ml. each), paint palette, 2 brushes, clay cutting cord, 88 mosaic tiles and gems, glue (0.35oz. / 10.3ml.) and easy instructions. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older with Adult Supervision. Includes pottery wheel, foot pedal, carving tools, soft clay, paint, palette, brush, cutting cord, mosaic tiles, gems, glue and instructions Spin to create cups, vases and more with new soft clay Paint them any way you like Requires 2 size C cell batteries, not included

Danny and Diana Meisinger have reopened The Dolphin Song Building which resides in historic downtown Gardner, Kansas.
The main gallery space has been devoted to Spinning Earth Pottery and features the work of ceramic Artist Danny Meisinger specializing in handmade functional pottery as well as exquisite fine art.

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Another such craftsman was Josh Hassan. He was spinning pottery and selling his original creations. Hassan, the owner and operator of Pipers Pottery, started doing pottery only about five years ago while in college.

Attended: Sip and Spin Pottery Workshop
The description for course was very accurate. We had a great time with Peter, our instructor at Choplet. Choplet is a very cute pottery workshop with many rooms. It's way bigger than it looks from the outside! Everyone I met at Choplet was helpful and cool. 2 hours is more than enough time to get 1 item done- many people were able to make 2! I ran into some technical difficulties, so I ended up only making one. For the low price of $8 (cash only), they allow you to fire an additional piece! I also loved that we drank our wine out of mugs previously made in the studio. Will definitely be taking another coursehorse class, and may even return to Choplet if I'm in the area!