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O2cool 8101 Deluxe Battery-operated Handheld Water-misting Fan- Colors May Vary


Misty Mate offers youyour own personal mister

It's a mister; it's a fan! It's a spray mist fan. The removable mister makes it easy to refill and stay cool. The fan blades are made from soft, safe foam. Available in translucent blue, red, gray, green, pink, orange, purple and yellow. Holds 2 ounces; approx. # of sprays: 300. Batteries included.

Pros: this Mini Water Moisture Spray Mist Fan Handheld Cooling Fan Cooler Personal Fan with Carabiner it's an awesome gadget that you can get from tinydeal if you live in a hot place especially in summer

Team with MistyMate 12, Team without MistyMate 4!" Pat C., Canada

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Unlike other cheaper spray bottle misting fans, Ice Cold Mist personal spray misting bottles work with air pressure which means no batteries, electronics or wires to worry about. It also means they are completely waterproof and submersible. Personal misting bottles can be used in the pool, at the lake or even in the bathtub without the worry of them getting wet, falling into the water, or breaking like other battery operated portable personal misting fans. This is one of the main reasons that Ice Cold Mist personal misters receive the best customer reviews and online feedback.