Stompeez Be-Bop Bunny Stompeez. $22.95

Stompeez Perky Pink Puppy (Large)


I like those stompeez but I can't get them

You will have to be quick for these! Never ever have I seen these at this price before. Stompeez Dalmation slippers in size XS (Extra Small) are only £4.24 at Asda Direct. These are normally £16.97, so this is one heck of a bargain.

These fabulous, fun, soft and cosy slippers come to life when you stomp, walk or jump! Kids will just love these super cute characters that keep their feet warm and entertain at the same time!

I want Stompeez Playful Blue Puppy slipers so badly

Stompeez One Eyed Monster Small by Stomp...

i want stompeez playful blue puppy

Did someone say unusual unicorn slippers?

These warm, playful and colourful slippers are a great way to brighten up the cooler months.

Featuring a playful unicorn face and loads of personality, these Stompeez slippers will have your little person stomping, shuffling and scooting around the house with glee.

Stompeez slippers are known for their durable materials that last through the seasons.

Check them out today!

Size Guide:
: Small: 12.5-13, Medium: 13.5-2.5, Large: 3-6
: Small: 28-30, Medium: 31-33, Large: 34 - 36
: Small: 11.5-12, Medium: 12.5-1.5, Large: 2-5

The quality of the slippers seems as if it will hold up well with normal kid usage indoors. I did notice that there are little pumps built within the slipper that allows the Unicorn’s eye to open and shut every time a child takes a step. This concept is really neat, and I know my children are going to love these. The open, and shut feature of the plush character is what sets Stompeez apart from the competition.