Baby Stroller With Reversible Handle

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doll stroller with reversible handle

This is a Steelcraft Pram/Stroller with reversible handle so it can be used both directions. It is in a good condition. Comes with the front cover and transparent top cover.

The Flyer is great you just have to know how to work it properly i.e, locking the wheels nearest your feet in whatever position the handle is. It is relatively simple once you know! The author did not mention the carry cot attachment, new for ’09, which looks especially cute on the Flyer. It turns the stroller into a pram for an extra hundred, and it is the only stroller that I know of (correct me if I am wrong) that can fold with the bassinet still attached. Yes, it isn’t as easy to steer as the Bugaboo but what is? For a beautiful stroller with reversible handle, the Flyer is a great value..

graco stroller with reversible handle

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    The Flyer is a full-featured stroller with a reversible handle. Just push two latches and it flips right over so you can look at the baby. Then you just lock the back wheels and unlock the front wheels so they swivel instead. This is important because we tried pushing it with all four wheels swiveling.