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The patent to Borichevsky discloses a lounge chair having a sunshade provided as a permanent part thereof. This is apparent from the fact that each of Borichevsky's claims recites the chair structure as a part of his invention. Furthermore, Borichevsky's clamps 26, which permit tilting adjustment of the sunshade, also serve to attach the sunshade to the chair. Consequently, if the clamps 26 are loosened to adjust the tilt of the sunshade, the sunshade is subject to undesired slippage at the same time and may even become separated from the chair. This disadvantage is overcome with the present invention. The patents to Musgrove and Nichols disclose sunshade structures which are clearly permanent parts of the chairs and are limited to use with this particular type of chair. Thus none of the prior art sunshade attachments have been entirely satisfactory.

These disadvantages of the prior art are overcome with the present invention and an improved sunshade attachment is provided which can be quickly and easily attached to substantially any existing lounge chair or the like and which can be adjusted simply and easily without effecting the attachment mechanism. Furthermore, the sunshade of the present is readily adaptable to either chairs or chaise lounges and is equally useful with golf carts, wheel chairs and the like. In addition, the sunshade attachment of the present invention also provides lateral protection against sunlight coming from the side and enables the user to provide himself with a measure of privacy, if desired.

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The advantages of the present invention are preferably attained by providing an improved sunshade attachment comprising a first generally U-shaped member releasably securable to a pair of clamps for attaching the sunshade to a desired structure, a second generally U-shaped canopy supporting member releasably attachable to said first U-shaped member, a pair of side arms interposable between said first and second U-shaped members, a canopy for covering said members and providing shade to an area beneath said canopy and a pair of coil-type screens mountable on either side of said sunshade and extensible to provide lateral protection and privacy.

Another object of the present invention is to provide an improved sunshade attachment which is readily adaptable to a variety of supporting structures.