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Wiz: The truck’s trailer converts into a heavily-armed portable battle station, which Prime himself can combine with to become Super Optimus Prime. This new form makes him almost twice as tall and over four times stronger… powerful enough to take on the world-destroying Galvatron.

Optimus Prime grabbed his trailer as it floated by, combining with it and transforming into Super Optimus Prime. At that moment, the Gundam flew out of the colony, its Hyper Hammer in hand. Optimus Prime summoned his Energon Axe just as Amuro swung the massive Hammer forward. Optimus severed the Hyper Hammer’s chain, and the useless spiked ball collided with a drifting meteor as it floated away.

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  • Super Optimus Prime (Attackix)
  • Super Mode Optimus Prime (Armada)

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    Super Optimus Prime is a large based leader for the Autobot faction. At a cost of 40 points, he comes with a huge missile attack and a speed of 4 tix. His special power is as long as you have any other figure in play at a 31% ratio,