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Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Tube Blaster 2-Pack(Discontinued by manufacturer)


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The is a CPS class released in 1996 by . It was the first model in the (CPS) line, which initially included only a single blaster. Today, it is a sought-after and revered soaker by enthusiasts and members of the online community. It remains the most powerful stock water blaster sold in stores in terms of range and soakage, a title it took from the Super Soaker 300 and has held for 17 years running. The CPS 2000 has gained a reputation for its size and power, since no other water gun comes close to it in terms of power. The CPS 2000 has been criticized for its low field life (how long it can last between refills) depleting its pressure chamber in only 1 second and only being able to fire 4 or 5 such shots before needing to be refilled, and the large number of pumps that it takes to fully pressurize (20-24 depending on version).

The original version of the CPS 2000 was released in spring of 1996. Being the first water gun to ever sport a (CPS), it began what many refer to as the "third age of water wars" (the first beginning upon the release of the Super Soaker 50 in 1991 and the second after the Super Soaker 300 was released in 1993). The most powerful blaster of its time and still currently unmatched except by homemade water guns, it sports a 25X water output (1X equals 1.2 oz/second).

Supernatural Brand – SUPER SOAK

Super Soaker
Type Water gun
Inventor Lonnie Johnson
  • Larami
  • Hasbro
Country United States
Availability 1990–Present
Materials Plastic
Slogan "Wetter Is Better!" (classic)
"It's Nerf or Nothin'!" (present)
Official website


Hasbro has implemented the Constant Pressure System in Super Soaker blasters a number of times since completing the of in 2002. The most recent implementation was in the 2011 'Hydro Cannon', while the largest post-takeover pressure chamber (at 900ml) is found in the 2007 'HydroBlitz' blaster.

The is the most powerful system used by Super Soaker. The user pumps water from the reservoir into a rubber bladder, which expands as more water is forced into it. The stretched rubber exerts a constant pressure on the water, giving the blaster a thick and constant stream throughout the entire shot. In most older models, the resulting blast is forceful enough that can be felt.