We LOVE Super Soaker wars. Congrats to your little man!

Star Wars Episode VII Nerf Super Soaker Han Solo Blaster


Custom Nerf Super Soaker Wars Rattler by mazedicer on DeviantArt

As a whole, the Super Soaker SoakerWars Shot Blast makes for a respectable, mid-sized, piston-based blaster. Its design draws heavily from the Nerf line and its construction feels very sturdy and durable. Thanks to its nozzle valve, the Shot Blast virtually always produces a good-powered stream, though there is a brief delay between pumping and stream generation. As well, if not enough pressure is generated on an incomplete pump, the Shot Blast will not fire at all. This can be of benefit for those who cannot pump as forcefully as streams from the Shot Blast have a minimum force to them. Then again, in the hands of an experienced water warrior, the Shot Blast can be quite effective.

The Nerf Super Soaker Star Wars - The Force Awakens - Han Solo Blaster is one of three Star Wars: The Force Awakens-themed water blasters released by Hasbro Inc. for 2016. It has a single nozzle inset rather deeply within the false outer nozzle. The trigger is the pump, meaning this water blaster pushes rather low amounts of water per blast. Styled after the blaster Han Solo uses in Star Wars:The Force Awakens, this item is more for role-playing as opposed to being useful for a water fight. Of course, this water blaster version of Han Solo's iconic blaster is not coloured accurately and its scope-shaped piece is actually part of its reservoir (not a scope). As such, at present, this item is being left in its packaging and not further tested.

Nerf Super Soaker Wars Rattler Unboxing, Review, and Test-Fire

  • We LOVE Super Soaker wars. Congrats to your little man!

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    The Super Soaker Star Wars™ Naboo Pistol is a pistol-sized blaster in the Star Wars™ Super Soaker line. It is based on the single reservoir/pressure chamber system. As such, the cap must be fastened securely and not loosened when pressurized. The nozzle on this blaster is about the same size as the classic series. Its water capacity, however, is quite low since the look of the gun took precedent over its actual usefulness as a water weapon. Even the Super Soaker XP 20 can carry more water! One thing which is good about the weapon is its colour allows it to be easily hidden, but its lack of power prevents any serious consideration for use in large water fights. The pump is short and feels a little awkward when attempting to pump.

    Buddy week was last week and since the weather is warm enough this time around, they told the kids the previous week to bring filled super soakers and after class, they would be able to go outside in back of the building and have a super soaker war. Sounds fun, huh?