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“Super SWAT Guy” Walks Mellower Beat

"Super SWAT" consisted of a two-mile course that traversed large hills, wooded areas, and a pond that team members were required to swim while wearing all of their equipment.

MORE CUSTOM GAMES! can't get enough :D this time we play A Rusty Razer's Variant of Swat called "Super Swat" only difference is weapons are random which is a fun little twist and we then go on to Fiesta Predator which if you are last man you have to kill all the humans (which funnily enough are the "infected") and vise versa. Also my brother is guest commentator and decides to have fun with Mentos and Coke..... yeah he did lol

Super Safety SWAT Industrial Work Glove

Super Safety SWAT FINGERLESS Industrial Work Glove

Thing type 4014, Super SWAT Bot, is a yellow-colored, faster version of the that is used in the . It can be found in RingSatellite Zone and all Super/Hyper levels except Rocky Mountain Zone.

Six members of the SWAT element of BRPD's SRT recently won the "Super SWAT" title during a competition sponsored by the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association. Overall, the team placed second out of 34 teams from across Texas and Louisiana.