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This was the first game of 2005, the first of President Bush’s secondterm, and the first to include a Little League team from Illinois. Oneother New Jersey Little League team has participated in a Tee Ball onthe South Lawn game. In May 2002, a team from 6-11 Little League ofTrenton played against a team from Uniondale Little League of LongIsland, N.Y.

President Bush addresses the crowd at the Tee Ball on the South Lawn game, with former Cincinnati Reds star Barry Larkin. It was the 12th Tee Ball on the South Lawn game since 2001. Mr. Larkin is the Honorary Tee Ball Commissioner.

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In 2013, Little League® created a new program for Tee Ball players (ages 4-6) that is specifically designed to provide a foundation and introduction to baseball and softball that is grounded in fun, fitness and fundamentals.

Grievance #3: That stupid center-field camera
What utter trash. That remark up there about watching 700 hours of baseball? That wasn’t bragging. It was a cry for help. But it also means that a fella gets used to some things. Such as telling the balls from the strikes. Not getting closeups of butts and faces because the producer knows the center-field camera is trash.