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Lionel - FasTrack - Straight Track - 4 Pack


Lionel Train Sets Running For The Lionel Sale Day At TrainLand

For ages 2.5 and up there is the Lionel Little Lines ($59.99). This starter train set comes with a snap together track and a simple remote controller for forward and reverse movement making it easy for little hands to operate. Authentic train sounds and details make it a classic Lionel product.

To sell awesome trains, collectible pieces, tracks, and — wait for it — they’re newest items like the Lionel Little Lines… To me this is the perfect my first train set for any toddler it offers you controls for forwards and backwards. It adds some really nice imagination play items to the mix likes a switch, a crane, and some bridges.

The Lionel Polar Express Christmas Train

The fact that these pages have expanded over the last few years is due, in part, to the advice and assistance of many members of the TCA (Train Collectors Association) and TTOS (Toy Train Operating Society). To them, and especially to Robert Powell who has supplied pictures of some of the rarer Lionel items, the editors are greatly indebted.

The NEW Lionel O-gauge post war layout build (update 7)

When the novelist Lionel Shriver delivered her about cultural appropriation at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival last month, it wasn’t clear whether she was wrestling with a real intellectual menace or a straw man. Censorious identity politics, she argued, are potentially suffocating to literary inspiration, since authors fear that creating characters from marginalized backgrounds will invite charges of cultural pillaging. Shriver, who is white, described a “climate of super-sensitivity, giving rise to proliferating prohibitions supposedly in the interest of social justice that constrain fiction writers and prospectively makes our work impossible.” She delivered these remarks while wearing a sombrero.

When I look back on all the songs Lionel Richie came out with in the eighties, he’s really responsible for a significant portion of my childhood soundtrack! And his album covers have certainly provided their share of comedy moments …