Choose from four TowBot models capable of towing up to 50,000 lbs.

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Standard Towbot | TRACE iTowBots

The Wheel Pant TowBot is now available with a special carriage for supporting nose wheels with wheel pants. The TowBot has been retrofitted with an electrically-actuated mechanism to grip the nose wheel and lift it from the hangar floor. It's perfect...

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iTowBot - Aircraft Towing Solutions For The Future

Tow Bot Hooking Up To Airplane - YouTube

These two Rescue Bot toys are repaints of two original Rescuebots-- Hoist the Tow Bot and Medix the Doc Bot. Hoist has been made into an Optimus Prime tow truck toy, and Medix has been made over as Heat Wave, a yellow fire rescue vehicle or ambulance.

TRACE TowBots offers a precision, ruggedly built towing machine that will allow the user to position aircraft in close quarters with ease. The iTowBot has the ability to rotate the aircraft inside of its own wingspan. With its hybrid zero-turn capability and fully-articulating self-locking carriage, turn limits of the aircraft nose wheel cannot be exceeded. The powerful 24VDC motors are regulated for smooth starts and stops while delivering the power you need to put your aircraft asset out on the ramp or back in the hangar. Standard TowBots are capable of moving 15,000lb aircraft. The Heavy Duty iTowBot models offer 36 volt capability to handle aircraft up to 30,000lbs.