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However, none of the known art discloses, either in a real or toy cargo plane, front doors which may be opened by a mechanism mounted within the plane, together with a further mechanism for mechanically withdrawing into or pushing out of the plane a ramp, after or during opening of the front doors.

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the toy cargo plane in accordance with the present invention showing its front doors in the open position, with the sliding cargo ramp extended outwardly from the interior cargo area of the plane and having its front tongue contacting a surface;

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Wood Toy Plans - Big Air Cargo Plane ..

Referring now to the drawings and particularly FIG. 1, there shown is a toy cargo plane 20 of the present invention, resting on a surface 22, which could be a simulated runway. The plane includes a fuselage or body 24, having removeably attached thereto wings 26. The fuselage includes a tail assembly 28 having an elevator 30. A plurality of engine pods 27 are fixed to and extend downwardly from the wings. The front of the fuselage is provided with a pair of pivoting front doors 32, 34, generally in the shape of a clamshell. A ramp 36, having a front tongue 38 pivotably mounted to the ramp, is slideably held within the interior of the plane, for extension into and out through the front doors 32, 34, when the doors are in the open position.

In addition to the unique operating features of the pivoting doors 32, 34 and the extensible ramp 36, the toy cargo plane of the present invention is provided with constructional features which allow a child to play with the plane without fear of breaking the same should the plane be accidentally dropped or over-zealously thrown or played with.