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Melissa & Doug Stamp and Sort Mailbox


Send messages phone-to-toy using the free Toymail app.

I love this classic Playskool toy mailbox, that stands the test of time! It is made of wood, and has the perfect patina! Fun for both genders and many ages.....fun to leave notes in it when your little one begins to read. Nine wooden shapes are included, (not sure if they are original or not), and many other blocks would work with it also. Fun to play with, or for display on a shelf in a little one's room, playroom, or family space. Measures: 11 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Lots more vintage toys here:

And while each Mailman costs $50 to Kickstarter backers, and the iOS app is free (an Android app is planned), there is an ongoing cost associated with use of Toymail. Parents will need to buy virtual books of stamps to send messages to the toys. Each stamp is good for one message, and a book of 50 stamps costs Toymail has taken to to try to raise $60,000 to get Toymail to market. At the time of writing, it’s approaching $10k raised, with 17 days left on the campaign..99 — or unlimited stamps are $2.99 per month.

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    One half of the Toymail’s creator team, entrepreneur and MIT alumna , came up with the cute yet fiendish : an alarm clock with wheels so it could scoot out of your reach and force you to crawl out of bed to shut it off.

    While Turtle Mail only receives and prints messages, kind of like a one-sided fax machine, the creators do hope that it encourages kids to write more and send real mail. After all, letter-writing is an art, and not even a toy mailbox can replace the intimacy of a handwritten note. Even if it’s penned with crayon.