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Return Policy & Process, In-Store & Online - Toys"R"Us

Toys R Us may be all about fun and games, but the is relatively strict. The retailer generally accepts returns for up to 90 days for merchandise purchased at a store or online while placing a 15-day limit on computer hardware, including ereaders and tablets, and a 30-day limit on other personal electronics. The Toys R Us return policy further states that particularly large items, such as backyard play sets, pools, and water slides, cannot be returned once opened, nor can music, movies, video games, software, and trading cards. Aside from these exceptions, opened merchandise can be exchanged only for identical items. The standard Toys R Us rules prevail throughout the holiday season.

If you (or your child) receive a gift from Toys R Us and decide to return it, you have two options. The Toys R Us return policy says you can return the item at a store with a gift receipt or online packing slip and receive store credit, or you can send the gift back and the original purchaser will receive a refund. When returning items by mail, you'll need to use the Toys R Us Return Center and supply a reason for the return on the packing slip. All the original packaging and manuals must be included in the shipping box. If Toys R Us receives a return by mail that doesn't comply with its return policy, the customer may not be credited for the return.

Toys"R"Us gladly accepts returns in original ..

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Toys r us – Happy Holidays 2014 – Please give us your money and all of your personal information! I did some early Christmas shopping only to be mortified when I tried to return a purchase because of the online bad reviews of my purchased item. I went to the store with unopened item and receipt in hand only to be told by the manager of Toys r us their new return policy required my driver’s license or some other federal identification (passport, military id) in order for me to return my item. Toys r us did not allow me to return my item with only the receipt. I also had to provide my drivers license so they could scan my personal information into their database. I had my receipt that should have be enough! BEWARE All TOYS R US customers, they will not accept returns with only your store receipt – you must also provide your personal information. Toys r us will track your returns in their database. Basically nothing can be done with just your receipt. Toys r us new return policy states you must provide your receipt and your personal identification information before you will be allowed to return any items. On their website Toys r us states returns are not required by the store, (basically Toys r us is doing us a favor by allowing us to return items) it is a privilege. Toys r us will not have to worry about me returning another item, because I will not be shopping in their store again.