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Upper Bounce Trampoline Protection Weather and Rain Cover Fits for 12-Feet Round Trampoline Frames,Black


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This is a trampoline enclosure cover. It is one of the few types that cover your trampoline without requiring you to take off the safety net to put it on. It is a single piece design that uses Velcro and bungee hooks to secure it to the trampoline. Best of all, it is made with the same material that is used in marine canvases and awnings. There is a drain hole in the middle to allow water to leave your trampoline without damaging the springs or frame.

It is really important that when you buy a trampoline weather cover it is UV resistant to prolong the life of the cover. Without UV resistance, covers have a tendency to crack and weaken and become particularly damaged if hit by a frost. We are proud to say that all of our trampoline covers are UV protected.

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A trampoline weather cover and a are the most popular trampoline items bought together. For this reason, Trampolinesshop has created a selection of trampoline ladders and trampoline covers in various sizes but all of which are universal fitting. Browse our trampoline weather cover range above for more information.

Trampoline covers protect your investment by extending the life of your trampoline's components. Fun Spot trampoline covers protect against sun, rain, salt and leaves, and are especially effective at extending the life of your safety pad and mat.