Trumpette Socks (Baby Boys) available at #Nordstrom

Trumpette Johnny's Sneaker 6 Pair Socks Set, Brights Assorted, Toddler 12-24 Months

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Connor just got a set of the exact same Trumpette socks in the picture – monkeys on socks of varying colors (I’m not trying to be cutesy about it. My parents bought the socks for him). Love ’em!

I started looking around on-line for the adorable trumpette socks (I’m 24 weeks and expecting twin boys – first pregnancy!) and saw LOTS of cute varieties. But. Are they really, like, $25 bucks per pair????? That is an insane amount of money to spend on a pair of baby socks. Unless they are filled with gold coins and laced with diamonds, I might have to stick with the cheap-o’s. 🙁

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Trumpette Johnny Socks - 6 Pairs Assorted

Couldn’t agree more with the Trumpette socks for baby. I got a box of assorted colors as a shower gift. At the time, one of my less exciting acquisitions. But, as it turned out, we got so much use out of those socks! They worked well for my son’s chubby ankles, too. A lot of other socks seemed to be cutting off his circulation.

Great recommendations:) I’m a fan of Trumpette socks too (and I also like JazzyToes). And like commenter Sunny, I buy my daughter a lot of the same sock (though I buy her fancier ones than white crew socks) to help conserve them. More on that here: