Willys MB US Army Jeep on Flickriver"

Forces of Valor "GP D-Day Series" Normandy U.S. General Purpose Military Diecast Vehicle (1944), Scale 1/32


Anglo-Dutch troops used WWII jeeps in , (1947)

American troops use jeeps to clear and plow thousands of acres of landat Army camps and depots as part of a large-scale agricultural programin cooperation with the British Army. Notice it is an early Ford ScriptGPW.

Keep 'Em Rolling is the universal slogan of all motorized units inthe army. Here a member of the 442nd combat team prepares to go into actionwith the grease gun on one of the now familiar and famous jeeps at CampShelby, Mississippi. 7/1943.

Soon, FCA will just make Jeep, SUVs and Ram in the U.S.

  • Anglo-Dutch troops used WWII jeeps in Batavia, Indonesia (1947)

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    The already famous jeeps, a string of which are shown here, are keptin perfect running order at the field motor pool Camp Shelby, Mississippi.7/1943. The 442nd combat team at Camp Shelby is composed entirely of Americansof Japanese descent who volunteered for services in the armed forces. Thisunit of approximately 8000 men is undergoing intensive training in allbranches of combat duty, and they are looking forward with eagerness toactual services at the front.

    Coast Guard Anti-Saboteur Patrol Jeep. Vital cargoes of war suppliesfor America's far-flung battle lines must also be protected on the docksand piers from enemy attempts at sabotage. The Coast Guard now uses jeepswith armed Coast Guardsmen maintaining vigilant waterfront patrols. April,1943