The Super Wubble Bubble Ball package came with the following:

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Wubble Bubble Ball with Pump Blue : Target

You need to make sure that you have NEW batteries because the pump requires them without a doubt. With the nozzle firmly in place, I attached the pump and hit the switch. If your Wubble is not airing up, you probably do not have the nozzle in far enough. It took about 3 minutes to inflate to the recommended size of a little under 3 feet. After removing the pump and nozzle, and making sure the valve was depressed into the balloon, the Super Wubble Bubble Ball was ready to go!

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love bubbles. Even at my ripe old age, bubbles are still so much fun and always bring a smile to my face. When I saw the Wubble Bubble at the fabulous EA Social Suite at Blogger Bash I knew we had to have one. Everyone who got to play with it and interact with the wubble was all smiles.

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{ disclosure: I received a Wubble Bubble for review purposes only, they didn’t have to beg, who doesn’t love a giant bubble! As always, all opinions expressed here are always my very own. }

They practically tore open the box before handing it back over for a few quick pictures to show you what’s inside. I love that aside from the batteries (which thank goodness is something I always keep on hand at home), the Super Wubble Bubble Ball Kit comes with everything you need to inflate the Wubble and have some fun! It even has a nifty patch kit in case of a small tear so that you can patch it up and keep on playing!