Uglydog Pillow inspiration from uglydoll

Gund Uglydoll Pillow Uglybot/Dave Darinko, 14.6" Plush


Uglydoll Pillow Tutulu & Groody 35cm

2. Plush toys have been used as sofa pillows for years. Uglydolls pillows will give the same modish effect with the comfort of a square pillow shape. Uglydoll collectors, monster aficionados, and peculiar pillow owners will appreciate these as a gift.

We had a blast hanging with Ugly doll back , and just standing in their booth made it super obvious that the company is brimming with new ideas for products to keep collectors happy. Sure enough, it's only a few weeks later and there's a new announcement: Uglydoll brand pillows! Your sofa is going to be really happy when it sees this.

Uglydog Pillow inspiration from uglydoll

Uglydoll Plush Pillow Uppy


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