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Wacky Wobbler Bobblehead - Wonder Woman

The Iron Man 3 Iron Patriot Wacky Wobbler Bobblehead features the colorfully embellished Iron Patriot armor as seen in the film Iron Man 3. 'Iron Man 3, what's that?' you ask? It's about this self-obsessed, snarky billionaire with a taste for the ladies and the demon rum who's always trying to develop new ways to destroy things. He's the...hero. Would he sound more heroic if you splashed a little of the ol' red, white and blue in there? Well, that's for you to decide, but judging from the fierce look on this Iron Man 3 Iron Patriot Wacky Wobbler Bobblehead's umm...head (not to mention the shoulder cannon he's packing), we're not going to question...anything. Because any movie he's in must be the greatest movie ever made.

Nobody messes with Adam We! Wait, is that how his name is spelled? The only thing I have to go off of is this light-brite that he made. The around 7 inch tall Batman 1966 Wacky Wobbler Bobblehead is based on Adam West's version of DC Comics' Dark Knight and represented a simpler time. A time when shark-repellant spray was a viable thing to pack in a utility belt and the best way to get rid of a city leveling bomb is to run it off a pier. I guess people long for the retro because isn't that how the Dark Knight Rises and the shark-repellant comes in handy during Sharknados. That is plenty reason to pick up the Batman 1966 Wacky Wobbler Bobblehead, right?

Wacky Wobbler Bobblehead - Wonder Woman; Wacky Wobbler ..

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