Our Jolly Roger Wagon Pirate Ship

7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Pirate Ship with Skeletons Crew Skull Decoration


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Michelle Graham, a first-year parade participant, and her family dressed as pirates including her young son who she pulled in a wagon turned pirate ship, but it wasn’t their first idea.

I wanted to share with everyone this handmade, custom Jolly Roger Wagon Pirate ship that I made for my 7 month old son. This ship took about 4 weeks to complete along with several trips to craft stores for supplies. It's main construction consists of foam board, wood and tons of super glue. I had Googled wagon pirate ships and got the basic idea for construction. Everything else came from looking at pirate ship pictures. The wagon itself is my husband's old childhood wagon. We ordered the Captain Hook costume online. A lot of dedicated hours and patience went into this and I am extremely proud of it.

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Wagon turned pirate ship for trick or treating