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Set of 2 Piece 22 Channel Twin Walkie-Talkie 2-Way Radio 3 Km Range - Children's Two Way Radios - Black

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We leave Kigali in the late afternoon and drive all the way back to Ruhengeri. We are lucky to get dorms. It would have been some unpleasent nights in tents with all that rain. Next morning arrises and we leave for Kigili at 6am. 64 travellers are allowed to visit the gorillas everyday for one hour. Separated in 8 groups with a max. of 8 people in each group. We get some rules of behaviour whilst being with the gorillas before we depart. It is a good hour drive to where we start the hiking. Another hour of hiking through local villages and fields where natives do field work. We reach the Volcano National Park, the name of the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda. Much to all our fortune the population of the gorillas is increasing and has reached around 800 animals. A remarkable achieve, it used to be down to 200. The hiking in the rain forest is tough as the treks are slippery and steep. Although no rains for us that day, I did fall a couple of times on my butt. Sneakers are not the right equipment for a Rwandan rain forest. We reach the gorillas after another 45min walk in the park. We literally bump into them or they in to us. And here you are amongst them. They chew on bamboo and the kids play around. Words can not describe this feeling, even pictures can not show the goosebumps felt while being with them. The silverback, Charles, only appreciates us with one or two looks and falls back to sleep. The hour passes so quickly and within a fingers snap we leave the group of 10 behind. Chances are almost 100 per cent that one will see gorillas. The guide and the trekkers are connected via walkytalky. The trekkers stay with the gorilla all day, from when they get up in the morning until they prepare their nests in the evening. So the 500USD for visiting them is well worth it.

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    A very useful website I have been to get the walkytalky as my sense of direction is not very good

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    Rechargeable #walkytalky are among the most useful instruments used in a wide range of field operations. These devices assist to stay in touch with people at a long distance. Today it is used for most of the outdoor adventures to communicate with people quite easily and quickly.