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Zoe Saldana shows off her Christmas spirit with a color changing tree to her Instagram followers. Zoe captioned the video 'Wham it up! Are ya'll putting up your Xmas trees??'

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New Dance 2014 The Tangin & Wham It By Dollarboyz

WHAM it Right in the Fuckin Nuts
This BITCH has been begging me to beat the fuck out of it but never thought I'd be so cruel. I wore my badass biker boots & kicked it between the legs so hard that it was coughing up its nuts by the time our session was over. So I spit on it & took i...
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I have had this weird sensation for a few days now. It feels like I have a really fast heartbeat in my chest. When I check my carotid pulse it is below 100. It does not matter the time of day or activity level when this happens. Has anyone else had something similar happen to them? I have an ICD and each time I get a funny feeling that is new or different, I wonder if things are going to escalate and my ICD fire. I had it fire a year ago for an atrial flutter. Was playing kickball with my kids and when we got done it fired. Did not feel "different" before it fired. We are all hot and thirsty when we stopped to get a drink. Then wham it fired multiple times due to the flutter.
Anyway, back to the fast pulse sensation. Has anyone ever had this before? Thanks for any insight.

Can you have a flutter going on in your heart and have a normal (steady rate with no fluctuations) and low rate?