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The concept looks like Windows for the car: There’s a Start screen, with common tasks that can be “pinned” to the car’s dashboard, while things the driver needs to know right away (such as an upcoming school zone) are displayed prominently. In Teixeira’s demo, users could select different views, such as climate control, or more information about the currently playing artist. In the demo, he swiped right to reveal service information, such as a 30,000-mile maintenance reminder, as well as an assessment of how efficiently he drove. And, of course, —which automakers and third-party companies alike are already pushing forward on.

Now, Microsoft is prepping yet another version, Teixeira revealed at last week’s Build event. The company has already tested its new version of Windows for the car, both in simulators that model eye-tracking, as well as in actual cars in a local Seattle raceway. “More of a concept, but a concept that we can work very very seriously on so that we can bring the world the IVI (in-vehicle infotainment) and a broadened Windows device together,” Teixeira said.

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