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As well as being able to dodge furniture, the WoWwee Roborover can talk, and he also has poseable arms, head and wrist, as well as having a built in ‘Follow Me’ function where he will search around to find his owner, and if you have turned all the lights off to confuse him, don’t worry as he has built in LED headlights that come on automatically in the dark so he can see where he is going.

The WowWee Roborover is a fun remote controlled robotic toy, that has built in infrared sensors to make sure he doesn’t crash into your expensive furniture.

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    The evolved Robosapien™ V2 is now available as a collectible mini. As cute and technically detailed as the 14" original - but only half the size! The WowWee Mini Robosapien V2 is the ideal introduction to the world of humanoid robotics. He's a funny guy and anything but scary. The Mini Robosapien V2 can be described as very adventurous: always running around on his own, cheeky red eyes lighting up, even without being remotely controlled. His arms and hands can be moved and put into different positions, so that the Mini Robosapien V2 can sometimes be open-armed and loving, and at other times rather aggressive-looking.

    The image isn’t especially clear, we know, but you’re looking at a WowWee Rovio robot webcam by a flexible E Ink controller. It’s the handiwork of the , who took E Ink’s and used it for two-way communication with the Rovio. Not only can the robot be navigated, its camera feed is shown on the E Ink panel.