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Yvolution Fliker Air 1 - Green Ride On


Y Flicker also sports anti-vibration hand grips for extra comfort, ..

TORRENCE, Calif. — Yvolution USA offers what may the the hottest kid-friendly device at campgrounds today. The Y Flicker is a three-wheeled stand-up scooter that allows kids to easily get from one place to the other without using bicycles.

The devices come with a quick response hand brake to maintain control. After an initial push off, the Y Flicker moves through swaying action by the rider.

My daughter, who is 8 years old, cannot get enough of her Y Flicker.

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I don't know when this was updated for the iPad, but I'm glad it finally did. I've been forced to using the web site before I noticed. The interface is great to explore an see other photos, you have to have a larger screen than the iPhone. I don't take photos on the iPad, I think it is silly, although viewing composition has it's advantage.

I use the app to view and appreciate all the beautiful photos, so far the app works great. I share my "best" shots for other, and it gives me a great feeling when others "favorite " some when I compare mine verses some of the best there. It makes me want the share more of my best.

Two of the best features of Yahoo is their Finance and Flickr. Sorry I probably reviewed Flickr more than the app, as I use it more I will give a more in depth review.

More recently, ASSIST sponsored a study on indirect flicker perception and human factors, conducted by LRC senior research scientist John Bullough. Having determined that frequency and magnitude of modulation are the two primary indicators of predicting people’s annoyance with flicker, Bullough is trying to pinpoint “at what points do [stroboscopic] effects become noticeable and … not acceptable for someone to constantly work under this type of lighting.” For example, he says, although computer screens flicker at about 60 to 70 hertz, the flicker largely passes unnoticed.