Zed the Zombie Game by Fotorama

Zed The Zombie Unrest in Peace Game Set


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Created by Fotorama and distributed throughout the UK by Sambro, the Zed the Zombie Game will be supported by a comprehensive marketing programme throughout the year including TV advertising during Q4, as well as PR support to drive sales pre-Christmas.

Produced by Fotorama, Zed the Zombie is a board game that has the right idea… it’s just too bad the game itself is a piece of crap. According to the back of the box, Zed has “risen from the grave in pieces” and players are tasked with putting him back together before a timer runs out and he goes “pop” -style.

Zed the Zombie Item no: # 95095

Zed The Zombie Game | Target Australia

Nikki Samuels of Sambro commented: “As well as our own ranges, our buying team is always keen to introduce innovative new products to the UK toy market. The Zed the Zombie Unrest in Pieces game has had a brilliant response in the US and Australia and we hope to replicate that success over here. Our new TV advertising campaign will support our customers driving sales during the crucial pre-Christmas period.”

Working against the timing clock, players in this fast action game need to re-build Zed The Zombie before he collapses again, spreading his ghostly pieces all over the floor! Zed stands 9” tall when complete with all his various body parts in the correct place.Designed for kids as young as four years old, hilarity and frustration are meted out in equal quantities as the timer soon counts down to the end. Zed The Zombie is great as a quick game for younger players to have a huge amount of fun and laughter.