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ZOOB pieces are based on a natural and living system and features pieces that snap, click or pop together in different ways, making building easy and versatile. ZOOB building sets are unique in that the pieces move after they are put together, allowing for truly interactive creations. Collect ZOOB sets for more interactive pieces!

Today we have two Zoob connector sets to give away, each valued at $135. Zoob is a building and modelling construction system with a difference – once you’ve built your creations, you can make them move. The ball and socket construction system allows the pieces to move around (just like bones in a joint) even after they’ve been connected, which means lots more options for creativity and play. Today’s winners will each receive three separate Zoob sets – a , a , and a .

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  • 125 colorful ZOOB Pieces, expandable and compatible with all other ZOOB sets
  • Zoob Building Set at Lakeshore Learning

    ZOOB sets have 5 different styles of pieces that snap together in 20 ways to make connections that rotate, limbs that extend, axels that spin and much more. The pieces move after they're built together, so your child can create toys to play with instead of just looking at them. ZOOB's shape is inspired by nucleotides, the basic structure that makes up DNA. ZOOB captures the dynamic movement based on the way things move in nature instead of using traditional stacking connections.

    Constructing cool models with Infinitoy ZOOB Set is a great way to creativity and logical reasoning ability. The set allows kids to construct amazing structures and models to make play time learning time, too. ZOOB pieces are compatible and expandable for added fun.